Ters Mevsim was born on November 23, 2017.

This blog has been my first and best friend when I moved to Argentina, following my husband. We came here with his expat assignment. We’ve always been passionate about traveling, so when we learned about his assignment we were absolutely thrilled!

Then we came here, he started working, and I was staying home. I started learning Spanish. I’ve also been looking for a job which has been a painful process in general. It took me 1.5 years before I could encounter something. And during this time, this blog has been more than helpful to me when I was trying to adjust to Argentina.

Here you can find many travel guides, mostly from Latin America, tips and tools for learning Spanish, peculiarities&niceties of expat life, and many more. I hope you enjoy them all!



PS: If you would like to help me with the language please see here: Looking for Translators.